HASHTTAG intrend

How Hashttag named?

We can understand a meaning of "tag" as a label attached to someone or something for the purpose of identification or to give other information. Young people use meaning of "tag", "tag me", or "follow me" a lot when they are socializing in FACEBOOK or INSTAGRAM where they tag someone's names, objects, and places in purpose of sharing information and idea no matter where they are.  The modern internet and mobile enable that the geographic difference does not really matter to them anymore.

Hashttag (#) is expressing this idea which young people can share about our company's information and idea regarding location, price and design at anywhere and anytime using their everyday usage of internet and mobile.  We incorporate the concept of young people's socializing trend to directly express our company's philosophy, trend, and design.


About Hashttag

Hashttag is founded with inspirations created by designer Young Chung, who is a fashion veteran. She brings many years of experiences as a retailer in Argentina, a merchandiser, fabric buyer and designer in Los Angeles. Young creates styles that are inspired by Southern California life style.

Young relentlessly pursues to create the styles that young, modern and contemporary generation can easily wear everyday. Her styles have been sold to local retailers to high-end department stores and to other parts around the globe.

Hashttag uses many novelty fabrics. Designs are created in Los Angeles and productions are done overseas to bring the attractive price point.

Young oversees the production to keep the highest quality and workmanship of each garment.

Hashttag is mainly concentrated in oversea business which is the division of CLOSET, INC.